Saturday, February 19, 2005

Momus and the Devil

Well a bloke with the hairstyle of the devil anyway ;-)
As promised a couple of older Momus tracks.

One from his 1995 album Slender Sherbet
which was a album of new versions of songs from the 80s. "The Hairstyle of the Devil" is an acoustic take on the original beats and keyboards version. There is an obvious heavy debt to Jacques Brel throughout this version.

The Hairstyle of the Devil (mp3)

Momus has unfortunately been overlooked in the history of the development of the pop and dance music synthesis. He was making the same connections as the Pet Shop Boys and New Order, but never got the credit for it.

And on to the best album the Pet Shop Boys never made, 1993s Timelord.
"Enlightenment" is one of the finest songs written about AIDs that I know (oh except for the PTBs "Being Boring" obviously).

Enlightenment (mp3)


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