Thursday, March 31, 2005

Crackle and Pop 1

the beatles hits (front)

Its autumn 1963, I’m 10 years old and I’m off to buy my first piece of vinyl. I’m with my best mate Roger and ….. my dad! This was the deal, Roger would buy the “Twist and Shout” ep and I would buy “The Beatles Hits “ ep. Sensible lads eh?
We dumped dad on the way back, took the records straight back to Rogers house and loaded up his Radiogram. Now this was an impressive bit of kit, an immense wooden cabinet with a radio and record deck.
Then complete with two tennis rackets we proceeded to sing along to both eps, Roger doing John and me opting for left handed Paul. You had to make your own entertainment etc….. Though this was probably a scenario being echoed up and down the UK.

“The Beatles Hits” was originally released in September 1963 and lots of anoraky details can be found here on Steves Beatles site.

the beatles hits (back)
Interesting detail from the cover is that all songs are credited to “McCartney-Lennon” though the blurb on the back refers to the songs as being by Lennon and McCartney. Paul has obviously never forgiven Lennon for this.
A favourite of mine was “Thank You Girl” originally the b side of “From Me to You” released in April 1963. I particularly liked the wailing harmonica and the pounding drums.

All the mp3 files featured are taken from my original vinyl, so the quality is…crap, obviously. But you can’t beat the authentic sounds of crackle and pop.!

Thank You Girl (mp3)


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