Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The ambient life - David Sylvian

David Sylvian

David Sylvian has been one of the great survivors of the early eighties. The goldfish bowl of life in his early band Japan became intolerable and they split and he started a solo career that has seen a wealth of fine music produced over numerous albums.
Spike magazine has an interesting article on how his spiritual quest has affected his music. Over at the BBC there is a Japan/David Sylvian RR Buyers Guide. Mainly for the early solo stuff. A good starting point would be the two anthologies "Everything and Nothing" (vocal) and "Camphor" (instrumental). I rate him (along with Scott Walker) one of my all time favourite vocalists.

His recent album "Blemish" has now been followed by a remix version of the album. And an album with his brother and ex-Japan drummer Steve Jansen is also in the pipeline.

MP3s can be found on his official site (a bit flash heavy), they are added to regularly and include live and remixed or revised versions of tracks. Many other music and video downloads are available at the main fan site.


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