Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's raining today - Scott Walker's melancholic genius

(Scott Walker 1967)

Coming into the public eye via The Walker Brothers 60's pop epics (The Sun aint gonna shine, My ship is coming in etc.) Scott Walker left the two other "Brothers" in 1967 for a career that has had many ups and downs as he passed from pop stardom into cult obscurity.
He has though, produced over the years a body of work distinctive enough to make him a major influence on people like Julian Cope, Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Jarvis Cocker. He produced the last Pulp album and has recently signed for the 4AD label and a new record is promised...

He hasn't got a huge web presence but Montague Terrace has some good articles and images and a mailing list can be subscribed to at Yahoo Groups.

Decent biogs can be found at Artists Direct and The Rough Guide to Music.
You can even watch a performance (thanks to Bedazzled blog for the link to this) of Scotts from a 1967 Dusty Springfield show.

The best starting point for newcomers to Scott is probably the "Boy Child" compilation available at and

Plastic Palace People (mp3, from "Scott 2")

It's Raining Today (mp3, from "Scott 3")

Dealer (mp3, from "Climate of Hunter")


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Hi there 7&7 - lovely blog. Have you heard Tilt and Nite Flights? I've tried to get into them both, but find them impenetrable, to be honest.

On a more mundane matter, I'm trying to find out how to turn my very (for now) rudimentary blog into an MP3 blog. I hope you don't mind me asking, but could you offer any advice how do I get MP3s onto my blog? Or do you know where I could find this out?


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