Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Laura Cantrell: Keep It Peel @ Queen Elizabeth Hall

John Peel and Laura at his 65th birthday party

Perhaps the most moving performance at this years Peel concert in London came from Laura Cantrell. She had to follow The “Mighty” Fall and did so with a set that will tear your heart out. No more words…go listen.

Laura Cantrell Peel Day Concert (mp3, 18.3mb, correct file now attached)

Lots of exclusive mp3s at the link below.


At 9:45 pm, Blogger steve said...

Be warned: this is an mp3 of the Radio Thrift Shop show NOT the QEH concert.

At 10:42 am, Blogger datz said...

Correct file now attached.I had two files with very similair names! Apologies to anyone who has downloaded the wrong file.

At 2:11 pm, Anonymous The Daily Growl said...

This is great! Worth having even just for her moving tribute to John Peel. It made me cry!

At 9:12 pm, Blogger howard said...

I wondered where I got it from - thanks.


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