Thursday, July 07, 2005

Splinter Magazine: your new best friend

Splinter cover

Feel all alone in your musical world?

Mojo and Uncut not covering your interests?

Help is at hand...Splinter is an excellent new music magazine first issue available now.

The magazines aim is

"... to give time, space and adoration to those bands who get misaligned, misinterpreted or criminally ignored all together. We want to cover these bands with insight, intelligence, wit, and passion. It's a simple plan."

That's sounded ok with me and after receiving my copy (£2.75 by post) its born out by the content. Interviews with British Sea Power, Degrassi, Hood, The IK+ ,The Kills, Love Ends Disaster, and David Gedge. Plus features onThe Fall's history, Sarah Records, and The Field Mice. The article and photos on Yorkshires finest Hood are worth the price alone and any magazine smart enough to appreciate the supreme talent of David Gedge deserves your money.

Now if they could only do a feature on The Clientele ...


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