Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Clientele - Strange Geometry

Strange Geometry The Clientele

A new Clientele cd is always to be looked forward to and this one is no exception. Pitchfork described 'Since K Left Me' the first single off the new album 'Strange Geometry' as " 60s sunshine pop." Its the first track and a great way to start an album complete with its Beach Boy musical quotes. The Clientele trademarks of glistening guitars and hazy vocals are featured throughout, but also complemented on some tracks this time round by string quartet arrangements by Louis Philippe.

Tracks from the album and other rarities can be found at the bands Myspace site.
You can buy the album from Pointy and Merge or from the wonderful Norman Records.

Alasdair the Clienteles guitarist/vocalist recently appeared on BBC 6Music. You can stream the programe from here (this link will expire shortly) he is on about 1.42 minutes in. Or you can download the programme segment below.

The Clientele live on Gideon Coe (mp3)

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