Thursday, December 08, 2005

Belle and Sebastian - Another Sunny Day

The new Belle and Sebastian CD "The Life Pursuit" is released in the new year,(Feb 7, 2006) but has already "leaked" onto the internet. Its not as heavily produced as the last Trevor Horn production, thank god!. I still feel that "Tigermilk" and "If your feeling sinister" were the bands best moments. Something more than a bass player was lost with the departure of Stuart David...
Yes they can all play their instruments now, but that was, to me, never the point of B & S.

The new CD has a interesting blend of influences, T-Rex , The Bay City Rollers, glam rock, and I swore "We are the sleepyheads" is based on a Haircut 100 track! Which is ok, mostly, but the better songs hark back to the fey innocence of the early years. Matador Records have made one track available from their website and "Funny Little Frog" will be the first single released prior to the album.

Another Sunny Day (mp3)

The live performance of the "If Your Feeling Sinister" CD is now also available via iTunes only, with proceeds going towards the Asian Quake appeal.


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