Thursday, August 24, 2006

Local Boy Makes Good: Green Gartside

Sriti Politti

The re-emergence of Green Gartside and the new Scritti Politti album 'White Bread, Black Beer' has been one of this years highlights so far.

I have to acknowledge some vague connection to Green as I was at his old school (Croesyceiliog Grammar School, Cwmbran, South Wales) at the same time as he was, however Green being a couple of years younger, he obviously was off my radar ;-)
But he probably hung around the town centre (pictured below) as we all did, waiting for something to happen (it invariably never did) and thats why all who could, moved on and away.

Cwmbran Town Centre

The new cd shows Green on top form, with excellent songs and tunes and the return of one of pops great voices.

A fantastic site for all things Scritti (audio, videos etc) is bibbly-o-tek.

Road to No Regret (mp3)


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