Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Melon Galia

I've been discovering a lot of good french bands via emusic and this is the first one I'd like to share with you. Tho in fact these are belgian...


Their debut album, "Les embarras du quotidien", owes a big debt to Belle & Sebastian and the Smiths, but Melon Galia are no mere copyists. They had one of the stand out tracks "Les Mensonges" (mp3 below) on the weird and wonderful "L'Humeur Vagabonde: Hommage À Jeanne Moreau" Its available from e-music. Their cd is available as below. Sadly they are now no more. Their Myspace page announced...

Melon Galia unfortunately split in 2004. So : download our songs, make the adventure go on, and check out our solo projects in Samir Barris, Soy un caballo and Le Yéti.


"Les Embarass Du Quotidien" (Melon Galia)

Les mensonges (mp3)


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